Your questions, answered.

What is the difference between the Dena and Envision leggings?

The Dena and Envision leggings are very similar in terms of fit and comfort. The main difference is that the Envision leggings have two stripes on the pockets on the right side and a slightly different pocket design than the Dena leggings. Both models offer the same quality and wearing comfort.

Are your leggings suitable for tall women?

Of course! We specifically tested our leggings with tall women to ensure they are suitable for them too. These tests confirm that our leggings offer a comfortable fit for taller heights, so every woman, regardless of size, can enjoy our range.

Where can I find the size chart for your leggings?

Finding the perfect size for our leggings is easy! On the product page, just above the size check boxes, you will find a link called 'Size Guide'.

If you click on this, our detailed size chart will open. In this table you can compare your own measurements with our measurements to find the ideal fit for you. Take a moment to measure yourself and match it with our size chart - together we will ensure the best choice!

Which activities are your leggings suitable for?

Our leggings are designed to be versatile, ideal for a wide range of activities. They are perfect for yoga because of their stretch and comfort, which is essential for the freedom of movement needed in different yoga poses.

When running, they provide optimal support and breathability, crucial for both long distances and fast sprints. In the gym, during fitness sessions, they provide the durability and flexibility needed for strength training and cardio exercises.

In short, whether you are doing a relaxing yoga session or an intensive running training, our leggings are your ideal partner.

What warranty do you offer on the leggings?

Quality comes first for us, which is why we proudly offer a one-year warranty on all our products.

This warranty covers any manufacturing defects or problems you experience during normal use of the product. If within this year of purchase you encounter something that does not meet your expectations, please feel free to contact us. We will make every effort to resolve the problem to your satisfaction. This guarantee is our way of assuring you of the durability and quality of our products, so you can shop with confidence.

How does returning or exchanging products work for you?

Returning or exchanging products with us is certainly possible and we strive to make this process as easy as possible for you. If you want to exchange a product, for example for a different size, we will cover all related costs. We understand that finding the perfect fit sometimes takes some adjustment, and we're here to help.

For more detailed information about our returns and exchanges policy, click here . This link will take you to a page where you can read all about how to return or exchange an item, including step-by-step instructions.