Our mission

Every woman has the right to feel good, comfortable and confident.
Creating a world where body positivity is a source of confidence instead of fear.
We want to achieve this by helping, motivating and inspiring every woman.

'Never Above You. Never below you. Always equal to you. '

We come from different backgrounds,
but we have one thing in common: becoming a better version of ourselves.

There is no growth without change. Take the first step.

Our core values

Equality Activewear should be accessible to all women.
Everyone deserves the same opportunities.

Connectedness Our community is a place where all women come together to help each other. We are one big family. Together we bring out the best in each other.

Innovation For us, innovation means continuously creating and improving our products. We believe that innovation must distinguish between a leader and a follower.

Sustainability & social responsibility For us, sustainability means developing the most suitable activewear for every type of body. We take responsibility for contributing to a better future for current and future generations.